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Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

For answers to questions not listed below, please e-mail Kenneth Martinson at

Wikipedia defines an Urtext Edition as “An urtext edition of a work of classical music is a printed version intended to reproduce the original intention of the composer as exactly as possible, without any added or changed material.” Gems will seek to engrave its editions directly from the composer manuscript, if available, and if not, it will be based upon the earliest first edition, or a collection of early editions. Living composers are always consulted for modern editions of their music. Gems will also disclose the exact source and library location of the source(s). Fingerings and bowing are omitted unless they come from the composer and are essential to the interpretation of the music. If the source material has major errors, those corrections will be disclosed in the music. Minor errors or discrepancies are corrected. Sometimes, articulations that follow a pattern of a previously marked spot are added only at times when the composer intentions are undisputable. Occasionally, archaic notation practices are converted to modern notation practices so avoid confusion of the modern-day performer.

The shipping charge of $25.95 represents the actual postage charge that happens with most international shipments. If the postage costs more than $25.95, Gems will cover the difference. It is recommended that overseas customers purchase multiple items in one order to save shipping costs on future items you might want to purchase. Gems Music Publications currently only has one headquarters locations in the United States and all music is printed in the United States.

Please e-mail your vendor request to Kenneth Martinson at Discounts and terms are universal and equal for all stores wishing to establish a vendor relationship with Gems Music Publications.

Yes, please e-mail the score (PDF format) and sound file, or link to the sound file to For composers, I am only considering works that have viola within the ensemble. For arrangers, generally, I do not publish transcriptions unless there is an extraordinarily compelling reason for it to be played on the viola. You can still submit them for consideration. For editors, I am always happy to recruit your talents to help in the publication of rare works for the viola, and/or music of Alessandro Rolla and Marco Anzoletti. Please e-mail your proposals and idea to

The best reason is because you will probably get the music faster since all my vendor order on a need basis and do not stock my titles, so there is a delay in turnaround time. Secondly, orders on this website have the profits go directly to Gems Music Publications, and are not shared with vendors, so direct orders help to better keep Gems Music Publications fortified for years to come.

Yes, Gems Music Publications attends and manages a vendor table all Viola Congresses of the International Viola Society and the Viola Festivals of the American Viola Society. Gems will also attend other State and International Festivals, such as the annual International Tokyo Viola Space event, and others. Occasionally, Gems will also attend the annual ASTA (American String Teachers) Conference.

This is mainly because making illegal photocopies is too easy, and it would be expensive to adopt a return policy and safeguard against this fraud. Secondly, returned music is generally too fragile to maintain a new quality after being shipped twice. All sales from this site are final.

No, at this time Gems Music Publications does not sell PDF copies because it is too easy to reproduce and distribute which means lost sales that would endanger the ability to continue to operate profitably.

Gems Music Publications has the long-term goal of publishing the complete works of both Alessandro Rolla and Marco Anzoletti. Both of these composers taught at the Milan Conservatory of Music and their music has been unfairly neglected, and it is the goal and mission of Gems Music Publications to facilitate in correcting a historic injustice and make it possible through marketing and published editions to encourage more performances and pedagogical study of these works.

Very rarely, only in cases where there is an extraordinary justification for the works being performed on the viola. The focus of Gems Music Publications is to bring to the fore rare and original compositions for the viola.

Yes, except in the following circumstances (which permission is hereby automatically granted- no request needed). 1. Orchestral Parts where only 1 part per instrument is sold in the folder. 2. Judge’s copies if the participant has purchased one copy. All other circumstances need written requests sent to Kenneth Martinson at